Attic is an isolated room where nothing will prevent you from having a rest and enjoying sunset or sunrise. If you need a quietness and privacy an attic will be an ideal place.

Before you start decorating of attic it`s necessary to define designation of the room, general concept of decoration, advantages of space planning that should be highlighted by means of texture, colour and light. You should take into account possible drawbacks which must be disguised.

Complicated and beautiful attic roofs offer scope for imagination and realization of bold ideas. Even a small space allows to create an attractive room. Room area is not a determining factor when choosing style but it means a lot for choice of colour grade and finishing of walls, floor and ceiling.

It`s possible to raise a ceiling visually if it will be plastered or painted with very light colours. Colour of walls and floor should be darker that ceiling. Small windows can become a peculiar zest of attic if they are decorated with original roman or roller blinds. Decoration of attic should be selected considering daylight conditions. Thus in case of windows facing south it`s not recommended to use only bright colours as such an interior will look painty and hot.

There are design trends which are most frequently followed while decorating attic rooms. One of the most prominent examples of relevance for all times is interior of attic in Provence style. This style is characterized by using of green, yellow, sky blue, lavender shades. Country-style attic is the same Provence style but on American manners. It suggests rural romantic that is expressed by means of unpainted wooden furniture, checkered tablecloths and bedspreads, cowboy attributes.