There is no reason to doubt that visiting of bathroom and showering present the first step towards successful beginning of the day practically for every person as well as its final stage that can include taking relaxing bath before sleeping. Unfortunately homeowners not always pay appropriate attention to décor of bathroom being of the opinion that this small room is not so significant as other parts of their accommodation.

Special wash-basin base cabinet is very popular acquisition for bathroom décor thanks to which a space under basin can be turned into a real system for keeping various jars and packing containing household chemicals which disharmonize aesthetics and atmosphere of interior. If you are planning to set a shower cabin in the bathroom it also can be decorated in necessary stylistic direction. Transparent glass doors will be imperceptible in the whole interior and literally melt into it.

Commonly acquired hygienic goods, household chemicals and cosmetics are kept in their original package. Sometimes it reminds a usual market stall. It`s better to purchase sets of elegant containers in one style which have much more effective look. All necessary cosmetics can be easily placed in every box or bottle. Towels not only accomplish a basic function of linen but also present an element of bathroom décor. You can change mood of the whole interior by means of colour palette, structure of cloth or even pattern of bathroom textile.

It`s possible to decorate space of bathroom with simple or original floor covering. It should be noted that a rug in the bathroom is not less significant detail than a carpet in bedroom or living room. Firstly it prevents falling on a slippery floor and ensures insulation against electric current. Secondly rugs give comfort and create inimitable coziness and pleasant atmosphere. Despite hooks for hanging of towels are considered to be the most primitive construction of towel holders they also can become indispensable element of bathroom décor. You just need to comply with a rule: presence and quantity of hooks must be hardly noticeable. It is important to pay appropriate attention to skillful and reliable fixing.

Pebbles, stones and sea shells brought from holidays can become an excellent embellishment for bathroom, fulfill it with nostalgia and evoke pleasant memories about unforgettable vacation. Besides blinds for bathtubs, a laundry basket and mirrors are also stylish elements of décor.