Bedroom presents oasis of tranquility and must possess calming atmosphere helping to unwind after eventful day and forget about problems. Décor of bedroom is one of the major ways of creating appropriate mood.

Colour is of great importance for decorating of accommodation. For creating atmosphere of tranquility pastel, soft and calming colours are the most appropriate solution. Stretched ceiling will help to disguise drawbacks. Its various configurations gives the design of bedroom peculiar charm but this variant doesn't match accommodation with a low ceiling. Deep cold colours create an illusion of high ceiling. Ceiling always should be lighter than walls.

Regarding flooring it`s possible to use parquet, laminate or soft fitted carpet. In the first two cases a carpet or a fur rug are suitable. Curtains, carpets, bedspread, pillows and linen should be harmoniously combined with furniture. Silk curtains and pillows, bronze luminaires and elegant carpet match wardrobes and a bed made of expensive and rare wood species.

Colouring of bed linen should fit general bedroom design and taste of a master. Carefully selected linen creates additional comfort, naturally complements interior and makes sleeping and rest wholesome. Considering interior of bedroom don`t forget about elements of décor. Pictures, tapestries, vases and exotic plants, original luminaires and candlesticks help to create comfortable atmosphere.

Décor of bedroom can be accomplished in various styles but the main rule is coziness. Choosing of style will help to make atmosphere of the room more harmonious. For example, Provence style is characterized by tenderness and calmness. Its peculiarities are light colour of plastered walls, pastel tones, bedside tables and lace. Country style suggests carpets, round mirrors, easy curtains, embroidered pictures, beige, creamy or brown colour of walls.