Kitchen is one of the main rooms and subjected to very high requirements as it must not only please owners with its design but also be comfortable and functional simultaneously. All details of interior decoration must create a single ensemble due to the colour scheme and style of every item.

Special attention should be given to curtains as they are able to create coziness and mood. Besides curtains beautifully frame a window, bring a feeling of holiday and joy to everyday life. An extensive range of curtains allows to complete kitchen`s design and make it attractive and original. If curtains aimed to fulfil only decorative functions they can be made of curtain lace, organza, voile etc. Such drapes are selected according to colour, style and design of accommodation. Curtains, pictures, clocks create original decoration and add charm and special atmosphere. Lambrequin makes window`s look complete but even a small detail requires a prudent approach while choosing and buying it. For successful choosing an appropriate variant of curtains it`s necessary to take into account size of room.

Every enthusiastic cook has various graceful jars with spices which are used in cooking. They simultaneously serve as a decorative element and ready sets for spices have long been full-fledged accessories for kitchen. What is more, choice of storage containers and way of placing them is strongly influenced by overall style of accommodation. Any style of interior welcomes open shelves for demonstrating various things. In the kitchen shelves are intended for showing a collection of crockery or other cooking utensils. For example, attractive jars for bulk products, bottles for oil, wine and vinegar also can decorate kitchen.

Wall coverings serve as an excellent decoration of kitchen. A great idea for décor is changing walls` colour. If a kitchen is small it`s better to use light tones especially in corners of the room. Inalienable attributes of kitchen décor are considered to be various poufs, stools and benches which can be stylishly decorated.

Anyway decoration of kitchen is always individual and depends on your imagination and aim. Possibly you need a kitchen in a classic variant where you`ll spend most of the time. Maybe you are energetic optimist then kitchen should be decorated in warm and bright colours and arranged for unforgettable parties with friends. Kitchen decoration directly depends on furniture and your desires.