The principal purpose of lightning in apartment or house is creation of favourable environment for visibility, reducing of eyestrain and maintenance of residents` well-being. Lightning plays a considerable role in final artwork of accommodation interior. Light and shades emphasize most attractive parts of interior and help to create coziness. When installing lightning it`s necessary to take into account small secrets of every room.

Some people make mistake creating soft semi-darkness in a hall. This room should be well-lit. By means of artificial lightning you can visually increase a small accommodation and expand narrow room making hall comfortable and light. In addition to general lightning it`s recommended to install local lightning, for example, near a mirror. It`s better to lighten a mirror using two luminaires located on both sides at the level of head. Illuminating devices placed in halls, stairs and staircases should uniformly lighten entire space caring about your safety. Luminaires shouldn`t disturb moving on chairs. For that reason it`s better to direct light from ceiling. Illuminating devices must be fixed in such a way that allows you to replace them and make repairs.

In the living room it`s recommended to use such directional lamps as spotlight ceiling luminaires, back lighting in the form of bar lamps etc. It`s necessary to ensure sufficient background illumination that allows to avoid deep shadows in room`s corners. By means of artificial lightning you can change design of accommodation depending on your mood without any renovation.

Apart from general lightning of the room it`s necessary to have local lightning in functional areas. In recreation areas a wall-mounted lamp can be fixed. It`s even better to put a standard lamp near an armchair. Place a desk lamp or a sconce next to occasional table. Choose adjustable illuminating devices with an opportunity to regulate light intensity. Choosing lamp shades and light diffusers for hall give preference to devices with unnoticed lamps and tubes. For creating comfort in the room it`s recommended to place at least three sources of light with various intensity.

Dimmable atmospheric lightning in the dining room should be focused on a table. Intensity of lightning in this room shouldn't be very bright or dull. For this purpose you can use a height-adjustable lamp or exactly directed ceiling luminaires.