Living room

Living room should combine style, comfort and functionality. Occasionally this room embodies functions of seating-room, dining-room and guest room that`s why it`s worthwhile to take into account every detail.

A properly selected textile will make the interior of living room complete. Textile includes not only curtains and drapes but also upholstery and draperies which present one of the most basic means of decorative materials allowing you to create your own unique style of the ambience you want to possess in your surroundings. The chosen variant of windows` embellishment depends on general style of the living room. The fabric of curtains also should match room`s style. You can choose heavy curtains in modern style or hi-tech fabric blinds, roller blinds or transparent tulle. While decorating windows you should follow several rules. It is not recommended to combine curtains and wallpaper of different colours. Dark curtains don`t match light room as bright sunshine will make them darker. Curtains` ornament should conform to room size. Thus curtains with enormous flowers will look ridiculous.

It`s unnecessary to buy furniture of definite colour. Instead you can use furniture covers. Complementing living room`s interior with various details it`s necessary to express your taste. For example, pictures pasted in broad rich frames will match walls with pattern whereas elegant thin frames can be hung on unicoloured walls. Speaking about flooring solutions a great variant will be a carpet or wall-to-wall carpeting. Fluffy carpeting visually warms a room making it more comfortable.

When choosing colour of future living room orient yourself with respect to your taste and basic properties of various colours. For example, red colour is associated with danger and evokes anxiety. If you are going to spend much time in the living room it`s recommended to use a minimum amount of red accessories. As a rule activity of people living in brightly coloured room is boosted that`s why it`s difficult to have a rest in a living room decorated by red or orange colours.

If a living room is not spacious furniture should be light as dark tones are worth experimenting only in big accommodation. It`s necessary to avoid decorating of living room with mirrors. If you really need one hang it in a place where it won`t reflect window of other source of light. If you place cozy armchairs near the window it`ll create comfort in the room.