Décor of nursery should be started from selecting of walls, flooring and textile colour. It`s better to choose neutral shades: blue or peach colour. Besides, posters featuring superheroes or cartoon characters can be hung. An excellent variant is photo wallpaper as they are able to adorn most part of the space creating a cheerful mood but should occupy not more than 30% of room area. Décor of walls can be variously themed depending on age and interests of a child.

One wall can be accomplished in the form of blackboard. A child will be able to draw or use it for studying. Such décor of nursery makes processes of learning entertaining and makes a positive impact on children` s subject matter retention. Another way of decoration presents stickers. Cars, heroes or planes are appropriate for boys. Barbie, princesses, butterflies or flowers will be pleasant for girls. Small animals and scenes from fairytales can become a common theme.

Flooring can be made of original cork, laminate or wood. It should be not slippery. Natural materials will be the safest solution for children`s feet. It`s necessary to refuse from carpets with rough pile as a child can graze legs while crawling on such flooring.

Furniture must be easy without sharp corners and made of safe materials. Furniture that matches mood of the room will emphasize décor of nursery. For example, a cheerful colouring or light shades. Chairs can be painted by hand. It`s possible to decorate any surface by means of stickers or drawings. Toys, pillows, blankets and curtains will make décor of nursery especially inimitable. Materials of such items should be durable, comfortable to the touch and safe.

Choice of colour for nursery is not an easy task that bewilders even experienced parents. Bright but no screaming quiet colours should prevail in nursery. Even if a room is not sun-facing combination of colours must be harmonious. The best variant is combining warm and cold shades. As for quantity of colours one or two colours can be used as a basis and it`s recommended to add similar shades. Several contrasting accessories in the form of applications on walls, pictures or pillows will complete and tone up interior.