Proper distribution of furniture and other items allows to organize comfortable work space. Highlighting of office is very important as boring walls don`t help your thoughts to take flight. Occasionally ability to get distracted is very helpful in work and beautiful details of office interior are able not only to surprise but also allow to bestir yourself. Atmosphere of office should be filled with comfort, raise your mood and bring pleasure.

It`s possible to decorate office by means of works of art or non-standard design elements. In general its decoration, automation equipment and furniture are selected according to tastes of owner and style of chosen design. Office can be furnished in classic style with wooden wall paneling and minimalism in quantity of details.

If owner of office is an art worker it`s better to choose postmodern trend that suggests curved lines, unusual colour palette and plenty of various minor details. For fans of minimalism gracefulness of high-tech without superfluous details and embellishments will be appropriate as everything is practical and simple.

Chosen wall paper should be of any pleasant colour but beige, peach, light pink and golden shades look best of all. It is strongly recommended not to use bright colours as they will constantly distract you from work. Cream-coloured textile makes a room lighter and visually spacious. However working area of office shouldn't be boring. Bright accents help to make accommodation dynamic. For example, it`s possible to place colourful shelves, an armchair with bright seat cover and green houseplants. Plants present an inimitable detail of interior. They emphasize individuality and refresh the space of strict accommodation. Without greenery office will look faceless.

Décor of office is always based on special emphasizing of workspace. For highlighting of working area it`s better to emphasize it by using contrast tone in relation to general colour of the room. If accommodation is painted brown tabletop should be white or creamy colour and vice versa. A small number of accessories ensure presentable look. Stationary rack, small flip calendar, medium-sized notebook should be present in office. Other accessories are not very necessary. Several photos on the wall which encourage a working person and dispose him towards needful endeavour are only allowed.