Décor of outdoor area can be entrusted to professionals or made with your own hands by means of improvised materials. For example, a fashionable arch that will protect you from scorching sun can be constructed of laths. It`s recommended to plant a creeper nearby such as bindweed, Partenocissus or ivy. These plants will be relevant for a small ground area. Besides majority of creeping plants don`t require any special care that will save a lot of time. Designers recommend not to throw away unnecessary flowerpots. Namely they can become a basis of original garden decoration.

It`s possible to distribute flowerbeds on the territory of land plot considering that some plants have not attractive look after flowering. From this point of view it`s recommended to plant flowers which remain green in autumn, for example, chrysanthemums, asters or dahlias. Lawn can be diversified by means of scenting herbs used in culinary: basil and tarragon smell and look excellent. If desired it`s possible to do without lawns. In this case you should decorate the whole area using decorative tiles. This variant will be ideal for those who don`t have an opportunity to take care of plants.

Style of outdoor area presents paving of walkways, car parking space and terraces. The best material for this purpose that combines decorative properties, practicality and style is paving slabs. Yards paved with nice paving slabs look elegant and respectable simultaneously. Such covering is easy to take care of and it will serve you for a long time.

Exterior view of outdoor area should constitute a whole with architecture and interior of house. Besides zones performing various functions must harmonize and complement each other. Décor of yard requires definite knowledge in the field of building and finishing materials. Those who want to have a green courtyard would need knowledge about decorative plants and skills in landscape design. Vertical sculptures or fountains will suit as a link between landscape of courtyard and exterior of house. Their style should harmonize with architecture of building.

Large vases with plants placed on the ground will be a nice decision if you prefer paved yards. Most importantly, creating décor of outdoor area you should remember that it will please you if it provides comfort.