Some apartments comprise a separate storage. It can be spacious or small but anyway it`s really necessary as a system of keeping various things. Commonly expenses for renovation of storage are minimized. Indeed it makes no sense to spend considerable sums on accommodation where tools, preserved food and other old things are kept. But it`s always nice to enter a clean accommodation where shelves are fixed on qualitative supports.

Storage can turn into a real embodiment of style and practicality if you include imagination. The main principle is a way of using space and distribution of items. For example, transparent containers for keeping of reserves allow to notice on time that you need to replenish them. Non-standard boxes for biscuits, crisp breads and other small edible reserves will look stylish. Practical nets for keeping of various jars are a true find. For creation of particular style a blackboard for drawing and writing will look interesting.

Décor of walls can be made by means of durable usual or photo wall paper. One wall can be used for hanging clothes if you place hooks or a crossbar on it. Décor of storage depends on items which you are planning to keep there. While making renovation of storage you shouldn't save on finishing materials, flooring and wall covering as well as proper lightning. All these expenses will soon have high returns. Besides, area of storage usually is not very big. Boxes and containers of the same style will look much better than board packages of different size and colour. It will add orderliness to décor of storage.

Important element of storage décor is fittings of a sliding door wardrobe. As a rule these fittings are very qualitative and have aesthetic look. Stylish shelving units can effectively decorate storage but have one significant drawback faceless doors. This nuance can be corrected by using skillfulness and imagination. Thus standard surface will turn into painted embellishment. Doors should comply with general style of storage. Unusual handles or elements of décor accomplished with your hands will make storage a unique object of décor.

Sliding door in storage won`t occupy much space and look modern. If a chosen style of interior allows it`s possible to close storage with a curtain such a decision is well suited for country or retro style.